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What types of kitchens can be resurfaced?

What is the process?

What if surfaces or doors are damaged?

Can handles and knobs be replaced?

Using only the most advanced coatings all kitchen surfaces such as wood, veneer, melamine, MDF, & PVC can be successfully resurfaced. All surfaces are properly coated using spray equipment and NOT brushes or rollers to achieve that perfectly smooth finish.

To ensure a totally professional finish the key steps are careful preparation on all surfaces which includes any repair work if required. This is followed by various specialist primers/coatings that are applied to all surfaces by advanced spray equipment to achieve that durable and smooth finish.

In many situations damage or imperfections can be repaired prior to resurfacing thus ensuring a like new finish. Successful resurfacing is even possible in situations where PVC foil is peeling from MDF doors.

Yes. In fact most clients choose to take the opportunity to make this change to add to the new look as can be seen in the photo gallery. Existing holes are filled in where required prior to resurfacing and new holes are redrilled to suit size/position of new handles or knobs.

Is work disruptive?

All home improvements do in no doubt cause some disruption however, we minimise this by removing doors & drawer fronts so they can be worked on off site. The remaining panels, edging, pelmets, cornices, wine racks, etc. are done on site ensuring that all surrounding surfaces are carefully masked off.

How long does work take?

On average kitchens takes about 5 to 6 days to complete but as most work is done off site only 1 to 2 days are actually spent in the house which ensures minimum disruption.

What colours and finishes are available?

There are a number of colours and finishes available including popular choices such as white, creams, ivory, yellows, greens, etc.


How durable and smooth is the finish?

As only the most advanced and specialist coatings are applied using modern spray systems the finish is without doubt tough enough to withstand everyday use and looks great. This will give a new lease of life to your existing kitchen that will last for years.

It must be noted though, that there is no coatings available that can withstand any extreme damage and our coatings are no exception to this.

How much does it cost?



As every kitchen is different it is difficult to give an accurate price without proper assessment but in general terms most average kitchen costs between €850 and €1250.

We can give an exact cost of each project by calling out on a free assessment survey.




Light Oak kitchen transformed to Country Cream


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Are there situations where kitchens cannot be re-sprayed?

Like all products and services there are limitations to what can be achieved therefore, we would not recommend resurfacing in certain situations such as very badly damaged surfaces or where doors have loose panels prone to movement. We will be happy to advice in all these situations during our assessment of the project.

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